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For the 2017 Pacific School Games in Adelaide, we have developed a preferred model where athletes are accomodated according to their sport. Teams will be staying within walking distance to their sporting venue or on a direct public transport route to their venue. This will ensure seamless transitions for athlete arrival at the venues and negate any issues around public parking availability. It is advised that you stay in the following locations for your sport:

Basketball: Campbelltown

Diving: Oaklands Park or surrounding suburbs

Football: Campbelltown

Goalball: CBD or Adelaide Hills

Golf: North Adelaide or CBD

Hockey: CBD, Mawson Lakes or Port Adelaide

Netball: North Adelaide or CBD

Softball: Adelaide Shores or Glenelg

The University of Adelaide Swimming: Oaklands Park or surrounding suburbs

Touch Football: North Adelaide or CBD

Track & Field: North Adelaide or CBD

It is not a requirement that delegations book their accomodation through Rising Stars, however, it is preferred, as it achieves the most efficient, easy and cost effective options for your stay in Adelaide and participation in the Games.

To contact Rising Stars please see below:

Rising Stars Management Group 

Contact: Tony Lazaro
Phone: 02 8824 7000