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Games ambassador Jess Trengove found desire to be an Olympian from her idols

posted on 5 December, 2017

By Joshua Papanikolaou (PSG Staff)


Olympic marathoner Jess Trengove is incredibly proud to be an ambassador for the 2017 Pacific School Games because she knows exactly how powerful being an inspirational figure can be to young students.

The 27-year-old who is from Naracoorte, South Australia has run at the last two Olympic Games and is preparing for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast after winning bronze in Glasgow.

While speaking at an Education Excursion at the University of Adelaide to a lecture theatre full of Pacific School Games student athletes, Trengove explained her sporting journey and answered questions.

“Absolutely I love the ambassador role,” Trengove said after signing autographs and taking photos.

“I think school sports is where that desire to take it to the highest level is born.

“You know then that Patty Mills, Kyle Chalmers and Ian Thorpe did the Pacific School Games, so it gives you that belief that you could be like them one day.”

Trengove always tries to at least convey one simple message when talking with young athletes, which is to always give 100 per cent while competing, but not get caught up in the pace of your development.

“It’s about embracing the opportunity and it’s a chance to develop as an athlete and have fun, and not necessarily be the best at school level but know you’re on a pathway,” she explained.

“Being a student is a challenging time, it’s important to keep that enjoyment with it.

“My main message to kids is try your hardest for sure, but just learn as much as you can.”

Knowing how much of an impact a sporting hero can have on a student, Trengove jumps at the opportunities to play a role as an ambassador for events that involve kids like these Games.

She has been joined by Olympic swimmer Madi Wilson, Katrina Webb, Izzy Blaess, Tamie Durdin, Kate Shimmin, Carl Veartand and Joey Wright as ambassadors for the 10th Pacific School Games.

“I definitely got a lot from having role models myself, you know Benita (Willis) is a classic example,” Trengove said.

“I still look up to people like Craig (Mottram) and even people around me now like Lisa Weightman and Eloise Wellings.

“As a child I don’t think I would’ve had the desire to be an athlete at the highest level if I hadn’t of being watching those people on TV screens and meeting them in person.

“To think I might help someone discover that dream is really exciting.”