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Queensland touch footballers learn about the science of sport

posted on 7 December, 2017

By Bridget Hicks (PSG Staff)


Student athletes participating in the 2017 Pacific School Games have been involved in a variety activities outside their chosen sports this week, including educational excursions at the University of Adelaide.

Queensland touch footballers Jaymon Bob and Jude Saldanha were two of the participants in the program at the University’s North Terrace campus.

The two teammates took part in classes including subjects on study, sport and life balance and sport and technology.

“We just went to sports engineering and they spoke to us about how technology has advanced and how it can impact sporting abilities, achievements and records,” said Jaymon, captain of the Queensland 15 years and under side.

“I did find that really enjoyable, actually. It was really interesting. The university have actually made their own little robots, like to test theories.”

Jude, on his first representative trip, enjoyed learning about how technology is impacting on performance results in sport.

“I found it interesting how so much science and planning goes into just breaking records or going your fastest,” Jude said after the sports and technology lecture on Thursday.

“Like how all the records were broken because of the (Speedo LZR) swimming suit and how people ride faster on their bikes because of how they sit on it and where they position their arms.”

The team has enjoyed bonding on their trip to Adelaide after spending limited time with each other before the tournament.

Off the field, they have spent down time strengthening their connections with other social activities.

“We went to the Games Opening Ceremony on Sunday and then a team dinner last night. We’re going to the movies this afternoon too,” Jaymon said.

“Most of us boys are from different areas in Queensland so, to get to know each other personally, it’s been pretty good.”

The Queensland 15 years and under team have recorded only one loss this week, going down to New South Wales by two points. Playoffs for final placings will be held on Saturday, 9th December at Adelaide Shores, West Beach.