Anthony • 15 mins

Matey the Mascot

MATEY: The 2015 PSG athletes were continually supported and cheered on by Matey at the Games.

Matey the mascot is set to make his second appearance at the 2017 Pacific School Games.

Bright, colourful, energetic and excited about the Games, Matey symbolises the values of the Games including friendship, kindness, encouragement and sportsmanship.

After consulting South Australian school-aged students in 2015, a variety of names were chosen to represent the new PSG mascot. These names were thought of keeping in mind gender neutrality, the target audience and the possibility of PSG being hosted in various locations.

A compilation of these names were put to the School Sport Australia board and PSG spirit group with Matey coming out as a clear favourite.

School Sport Australia President Graeme Jennings said Matey illustrates exactly what our Games are about.

“Matey is a reminder to our athletes that the Pacific School Games is about mateship, cheering on your fellow team mates, encouraging those around you and coming along to an event where you can make friends from not only all over Australia, but the world,” he said.

The Australian slang word ‘Mate’ implies a sense of shared experience, mutual respect and unconditional assistance.

“Matey epitomises the Games perfectly,” Mr Jennings said.

“While we recognise the elite level of competition at the Games, Matey helps to acknowledge the
opportunity all athletes have to make new friends and show sportsmanship at all times during the Games and in life,” he said.