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Top Five Reasons to get Your Supporter Pass Now

posted on 3 August, 2017

The Pacific School Games is just around the corner and now is the time to get your Supporter Pass and be prepared for December.

Here are the top five reasons to get your Supporter Pass now:

  1. Discounted price*. The price for the Supporter Passes will rise after Monday, 9 October. Save money, don’t wait until the last minute to get your passes for the Games.
  2. Entry to all official PSG functions, including sports.  Entry to the Opening Ceremony, the PSG Games Village and all the sports is included in each Supporter Pass. Don’t stress about  trying to buy last minute tickets to any of the action.
  3. Free Public Transport. Make planning your trip to Adelaide easy with free public transport throughout the city. Supporters can save up to $7.90 a day on public transport costs.
  4. Free / Discounted Games Guide. To celebrate the 10th edition of the Games, PSG is offering a special keep-sake Games Guide celebrating PSG. A free Games Guide is included in the Family Supporter Pass and can be purchased for a discounted price of $10 for all other passes.
  5. Discounted Meals in Adelaide. Plan on saving money while you’re in Adelaide with up to 15% off at selected eateries throughout the city.

*If you are supporting a team that is selected after this date then you will receive a discount code that entitles you to the early bird price.

to buy your Supporter Pass.